EEG meets cloud computing

Lifelines iEEG

Patient Management, Acquisition & Review

Lifelines iEEG is a full-featured acquisition, review and patient management system known for its elegant, user-friendly interface. A full range of features are supported, such as dual synchronous video, power trending, artefact removal, custom reports, EEG & video pruning, spike & seizure detection, and customizable interface.


From patient admission to the archival of exams, Centrum tracks all clinical and related information and presents it in an easy-to-access manner.

See the workflow stage of an exam at a glance, and advance it to the next step with the workflow buttons. Define your own exam types and assign a custom workflow to each.

Access Control

Lifelines iEEG allows for comprehensive control of patient information access. Access levels include full access, read only, restricted read only and no access.

Custom Reports

The reports feature allows you to create different report templates to associate with a specific type of clinical exams. The correct report is then generated automatically with a click of a button.


The acquisition software boasts a touch screen interface, dual HD video views, and a host of customizable tools and fliters, such as hyperventilation and photic. The sequential tabs guide you through the set up, and when ready, the lock button can be pressed to switch to a tamper-proof patient monitoring mode.

Shown above: Acquire Touch


Review exams with up to 128 channels on a highly flexible channel chart display, switching easily between user-defined montages, timebase and filters – even on individual channels or marked sections of the exam.

Lifelines iEEG offers many features for sophisticated EEG review, such as advanced seizure detection and artifact removal algorithms, frequency and timebased measurement tools and synchronous video. After reviewing, generate customized reports automatically and save them with the exam. Our development team has many years of combined experience in the EEG field designing leading EEG systems in use today.

Seamless Trackit Integration

Lifelines iEEG is designed to work seamlessly with the Trackit
Recorder. Features such as time synchronized video playback and artifact removal work brilliantly with TrackIt data.

Artifact Removal

Revolutionary signal processing methods allows for removal of artifacts from the signals for you to see the true EEG. The artifact removal leaves the original data untouched and you can easily toggle it on and off.

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