EEG meets cloud computing

iEEG Cloud Archive

Cloud Archive

Store your large files in the clouds!

Unlimited Space & Easy Access

Never again worry about disk space or retrieve data from physical storage media kept locked away in another location. Simply archive as needed with a press of a button in the iEEG system, then access the data again effortlessly.

With iEEG Cloud Archive, you pay by the GB (and you only pay for what you use) and your files are safely and securely stored on the cloud for 10 years at a time.

Safe & Secure Data

Medical data is sensitive and must be kept confidential and safe. On iEEG Cloud Archive, your data is stored in a geographically redundant manner. That means that if the building where data is traditionally kept goes down in a natural disaster, there is another copy of your data available. Data integrity is checked periodically to make sure all copies of your data are OK. And as it is stored encrypted, it is perfectly secure.

Purchase Separately or as Part of iEEG Cloud

The Cloud Archive plan is included with our iEEG Cloud plan, but can also be purchased separately for those who take care of your own server hosting but have outgrown the old-fashioned method of storage retrieval.

Secure - Seamless - Unlimited Space!

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