EEG meets cloud computing

iEEG Cloud

No IT hassles!

Imagine a fully functional EEG solution without the hassle and expenditure of setting up an onsite server and database storage system with all the IT concerns that go along with that - you would be free to concentrate on what you do best - running a neurophysiology lab.

That dream is now a reality with iEEG Cloud!


  • Pay per use – avoid up front costs
  • Lower cost than traditional IT
  • Online Collaboration
  • State of the art software
  • Up to date legal compliance
  • Data security

iEEG Cloud

With iEEG Cloud, all imported exam data and video files are automatically and seamlessly transferred to the cloud server, and can then be accessed immediately by any client with access rights - from any geographical area. The iEEG Cloud Server concept was designed to be fast - just as if the data were hosted locally - only without the concerns of disk space or the confines of location.

Service Oriented Architecture

Lifelines iEEG makes innovative use of service oriented architecture to offer you a number of advantages over the typical solution of direct access to data. The server accesses and processes the data while the client takes care of the presentation. And the big thing is that the client can reach the server from anywhere on the internet using a secure, password protected communication channel.

Privacy Protection

With Lifelines iEEG, only the server computer has direct access to the clinical data unlike other EEG systems where every acquisition and review system must have direct access. This is a huge improvement, because with iEEG it is simply not possible to access the data without going through the server and all data interactions are logged by the system.

In addition, all data is encrypted and stored on more than one server. Secure access ensures authorized use only.

Multi-site Installations

Because Lifelines iEEG uses internet connectivity, having your network spread out over several locations is not a problem. All sites connect seamlessly to the main system.

Real-time Direct Access Review

From any location, via internet. The iEEG Cloud system bypasses 3rd-party applications such as remote desktop, making access quick and seamless.

Access your database and exam review capabilities on a desktop, laptop or handheld device – wherever you are! Work from home or consult with colleagues anywhere in the world.

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